Finally… Two (or Twenty-Two) Years Later.

I have decided to update this website. Had so many plans back in the dot-com era lol. Been that long. Seriously. I have been in the service of a large number of organizations helping build basic web, “rich media”, “mobile”, “progressive web” and other apps since the mid nineties. I also have been providing instruction to thousands of learners in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and around the world in that time. I suppose it’s time to reflect.

My current standing is that of a Senior Application Development Manager for a small but growing outfit called LogicalDox. I help lead the teams in the creation of custom member management software that services trades and unions. As well, we deliver really cool training applications in virtual reality for apprentices in trades and unions – really taking the students leaps above and beyond basic white board and power point presentation instructional delivery, and prepping them with realistic experiences that will actually serve them in the (often dangerous) work that they will do as professionals.

It also took almost two decades for WordPress to become finally sufficient enough that I don’t need to tinker in the customization of its functionality, and just simply be responsive in writing. So here it is. An entry for the ages. I’ll fill in more…in two days.






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